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Custom antenna design

Designing and manufacturing for telecommunications and other uses

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…who cannot find the right solution among the standard COTS antennas.

How much time and money have you spent trying to find out the right antenna from the several available catalogues?

You’ve already tried everywhere… from the best reseller to the top certified website.

All of these guys promised you
the right antenna for your application and all of them have punctually failed.

Money spent for nothing, wasted time
in testing and verifications and your problem still remains unsolved.

You bet we can help you.

With our AntennaCustomizer system we design and manufacture the ideal custom antenna, optimized for your specific needs. No other product will be able to supply you the same performance and results in your particular application.  

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…who wants an exclusive and unique solution that nobody else can use.

How much satisfaction do you get from a Customer who appreciates you because of your unique and exclusive solutions?

Your Company must work in this way to be unique and able to supply exclusive, top notch solutions.

The satisfaction
to have enthusiastic Customers because of your products and services is a priceless conquer.

You know that, to be able to stand out from the competitors and to become the leader of your market sector, you need to be always one step ahead.
will be at your side to guarantee your excellence and your uniqueness.

In fact, the custom antenna designed to suit your system, will be developed only for you and it will never be proposed and commercialized to other companies, ensuring the absolute exclusivity.

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…who wants well defined prices and delivery time.

How much annoys you not to know if price will rise again or not to know precise delivery times?

It often happens that you need to reorder a product that you’ve already bought.

You agree price and delivery time with your Customer,
based on the previous supply.

You’ve ordered the material that you need…and here’s the surprise. The price went up and for the delivery you have to wait much longer than the previous time.

And now? What do you tell to your Customer? You have to take the responsibility because of the blame of others. It isn’t pleasant.

With AntennaCustomizer you could avoid this situation.We supply 5 years guaranteed prices and defined delivery times, to allow you to plan your activities and comply with the agreements you made with your Customers.

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…who wants the guarantee that the antenna will be not discontinued.

How many problems you had to face the last time that a product you’ve chosen for your application has been discontinued?

Weeks or months wasted to develop the right solution, to test it on field, to verify that everything is perfect for your application.

Then, suddenly, that product is declared “Discontinued”.

Now you need to find out an alternative with the same technical specifications and the same real performance, while a huge supply for an important Customer looms.

What you can do to avoid this kind of situations?

With the AntennaCustomizer system it wouldn’t have happened.

Your antenna will be ever available at the price and delivery time stated. 

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Step 1

Definition of the technical specifications and quote

All projects start with a first phase of dialogue, absolutely not binding, that aims to put in evidence your specific needs in order to identify the proper solution for your application. Depending on the particular application, we assess the electrical and mechanical specifications of the novel antenna, trying to give at each of them the correct weight in relation to project complexity. Since this is a very delicate stage, we are available to arrange a free, open-ended Skype meeting to answer all your questions and clarify any doubt.
At the end of this first phase, we will draw up a document showing the technical specifications we are able to guarantee, with delivery time and design cost.

Step 2

Technical Preliminary Analysis

Before starting with the design activity, as a good practice we propose, at a significant lower cost respect to the whole project, an intermediate stage called Preliminary Technical Analysis.

This analysis should be considered as a stand-alone activity, non-mandatory and non-binding. Our aim is to supply you a more detailed technical description about the project, analysing in depth the technical details we consider relevant and the rough edges that could be met. Furthermore, a detailed description of the phases of the developing process will be supplied as well.

This document could also be used to compare and evaluate other technical proposals and/or products.

In this way you can evaluate all the aspects of the project minimizing the risk of error.

The price of the Technical Preliminary Analysis will be totally discounted from the whole project cost when you will decide to proceed with the following phase.

Step 3

Antenna development

We proceed with the development of the novel antenna using both electromagnetic simulation tools (for the electrical design) and CAD software (for the mechanical design). In the case that some preliminary laboratory tests are needed for a direct validation of design choices, all the required measurements can be easily carried out thanks to the RF laboratory and the mechanical workshop, located inside our facility.

Then we proceed further on with the assembly of your first prototype. If some specific parts are needed, we can get them quickly from a network of specialist suppliers, under our total control. The experience allows us to reduce time and costs for pre series accomplishment.

When the assembly is completed, the prototype is carefully measured in order to verify its real correspondence with the formerly assessed specifications. The prototype will be validated only after this confirmation.

Inside our facility, our Electromagnetic Measurements Laboratory is equipped with an anechoic chamber, a fully automated data acquisition system and all the instruments to carry out a complete and accurate characterization of the new antenna, both as a stand-alone product or integrated into a particular electronic device.

All the requested prototypes are manufactured and individually measured in order to verify the correct operation.

At the end, all the prototypes are delivered together with one or more technical reports containing the results of all the characterization measurements.

Step 4

Production and after-sales service

At this stage, you are ready to order the new antenna as mutually agreed and with the following advantages:

- Defined delivery times
- Fixed and guaranteed price for 5 years
- The certainty that the product will not be proposed or commercialized to other companies
- 5 years guarantee

 Furthermore, we will available for any tips and tricks on correct installation and maintenance, in order to obtain the best possible results.

 If over time it becomes necessary any changes to the product, we can accomplish every requested improvement. 



One of the common reasons to design a custom antenna is the need to have a product with better performance than the normal COTS antennas, by identifying the most important technical specification for our own application.

AntennaCustomizer system has been conceived to identify all your particular requirements to develop the best antenna for your specific application.

Integrability in your own device or system

It often happens that, after you have identified the right product, this one has some characteristics that do not allow a proper integration into your own device or system.

With AntennaCustomizer system we develop the antenna taking into consideration all your integration requirements and we can manufacture the best antenna for your particular environment in which it will operate.

Production management

A custom product brings considerable benefits as concerns the production phase. Not just about the exclusivity and the certainty that you are using the best solution, but also for other important aspects, i.e. the definition of reliable delivery times with the guarantee that the product will never be discontinued, and the possibility to include target price as a design specification.

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…if you are not satisfied by the normal COTS antennas; if you are looking for a 5 years guaranteed products, unique and exclusive, that nobody else uses; if you are looking for a product that cannot be discontinued, with fixed price for 5 years and defined time delivery…AntennaCustomizer  is your tailor-made system. 

Are you ready to take advantage of it?

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Production and customer support

Each project is never an end in itself and our company remains a reference point for any possible technical support that can be necessary in the future. For all developed antennas, ElettroMagnetic Services is able to carry out the subsequent series production and, if needed, to accomplish any further product upgrade or modification.


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